Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak | Trailer by TOYO TIRES

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Toyo Tires has launched the R888R tyre with viral-video star Ken Block in a trailer for the new production ‘Climbkhana’. In the video Block attacks the infamous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb track in the 1,400 horsepower all-wheel-drive Hoonicorn V2.

Toyo Tires has announced the Australia release of a new road-legal race tyre, Proxes R888R

The Proxes R888R is the evolution of the Proxes R888, delivering faster lap times and improved dry handling with no compromise on wet performance. With a range of fitments from 13 to 20-inches, the high-grip race compound is a bolt-on solution for club racers and performance enthusiasts. The state-of the-art tyre has a tread wear rating of 100 AA A and is available nationwide from Toyo Tires specialist motorsport tyre dealers. Proxes R888R offers an increased contact patch, with improved dry traction and consistent performance over multiple laps and heat cycles. The tyre’s aggressive design will also resonate with enthusiasts.

“This is a tyre that will make stopwatches sing,” said Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia technical manager Steve Burke.

“Drivers testing the tyre locally reported they felt the confidence to push harder. R888R is an evolution of design and technology that will improve dry and wet performance for club enthusiasts, time attack racers and tarmac rally racers. Proxes R888R is also durable and long-lasting, meaning more track days, more laps and less cost for drivers at all levels,” Mr Burke said.

The new tyre retains the fast warm-up and progressive characteristics of the Proxes R888 while the new design sharpens steering precision and feedback through the car, increasing control and mid-corner speed. Proxes R888R’s speed is the result of a new casing design, with Rayon “Super-High” turn up carcass and steel side plies providing improved mid-corner grip for faster lap times and improved consistency. The contact patch is wider and larger, with the tread pattern featuring a lower groove ratio and a large block outer. A wide centre rib assists with water evacuation and helps improve wet performance.

Toyo Tyres and Rubber Australia Marketing and PR Manager Jose Angeles said the trailer demonstrated the performance credentials of the tyre.

“The Climbkhana teaser is a perfect showcase of the precise grip, stability and handling drivers can expect from the Proxes range of tyres. Handling 1,400 horsepower on one of the world’s most dangerous drives and the extreme driving style of Ken Block, the Proxes R888R doesn’t flinch,” he said.

Proxes R888R complies European Tyre Labelling Regulations. The EU Tyre Regulation Label requirements assess noise, rolling resistance and wet grip of road tyres. The Proxes R888R is the control tyre for the Australian Pulsar Racing Association series.

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