V8s @ Heathcote Park - Dec1st

December 30th, 2013

Turbo, aspirated, new and old V8 street and race cars from Heathcote Park Test 'n' Tune.

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Powerskidding LS2 VK Commodore

December 29th, 2013

Matt's GM LS2 powered VK smokes the tyres with ease. We ride along at the recent Club VE Powerfest day held at Calder Park.


Blown V8 Holden - AGRO64

December 28th, 2013

Supercharged V8 EH Holden - AGRO64.


Nitrous Toyota Starlet turbo

December 25th, 2013

Rick's front-wheel drive Toyota Starlet out testing a new clutch and taller slick tyres. The car is powered by a 1.3/1.5L twin cam engine boosted by a Turbonetics turbocharger.


Nissan R32 GTR Skyline @ Mallala - SAU Nationals

December 24th, 2013

Matt's super clean R32 GTR ran impressive and very consistent times on street tyres at Mallala Motor Sport Park at the Skylines Australia Nationals circuit day. Matt then ran the GTR at the local drag strip.


9-second Ford XR6 turbo ~ Nizpro Turbocharging

December 22nd, 2013

Steve's Ford FG Falcon XR6 4L Barra turbo 6 drives to the track, runs a mid 9-second pass and drives home. Steve could not attempt any more runs due to the lack of ANDRA tech requirements. The car has been modified by Nizpro Turbocharging and features a forged engine, custom Garrett turbocharger, E85 ethanol pump fuel system running through a modified OEM ZF 6-speed auto transmission.


Nitrous V8 HG Holden

December 22nd, 2013

Charlie's Holden HG delivers big revs and big noise, great to watch at the track. Power comes from a nitrous assisted Chevy 447ci small block V8 engine.


8-second Volkswagen Beetle

December 21st, 2013

Rod Penrose Racing VW beetle drag car running a new personal best time of 8.17 @ 158mph in Adelaide. The car is powered by a Pauter 3.3L Super Pro engine and boosted by a Garrett GT51R turbocharger.


GAS747 turbo dyno & drag

December 20th, 2013

Paul's Holden VL Calais on the dyno and at the drag strip. The car is powered by an OEM Nissan RB30 engine, Garrett GT42R turbo and fueled by a custom LP Gas system by Tunnel Vision Turbocharging.


World's quickest EVO X SST

December 19th, 2013

The Armstrong's Mitsubishi EVO X runs a personal best pass at AIR. The car features a stroked 2.5L 4B11 engine, custom Garrett turbo on E85 as well as an upgraded dual clutch SST gearbox. An real motor sport all-rounder, the Evolution Lancer is used for hill climb and track days as well. At present we believe the Mitsubishi to be the world's quickest SST equipped EVO ten.

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