Sandown Raceway Combined WRX and PCV Sprint Day
Peugeot returns to Dakar
Heathcote Park test & tune
Volkswagen’s Fourth Generation Golf R Arrives in Australia
Formula DRIFT Round 1: Streets of Long Beach

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Harrop blown V8 Sportwagon ~ SSVPSI

Harrop blown V8 Sportwagon ~ SSVPSI

Supercharged Holden VE Sportwagon L98 V8 is boosted by a Harrop Black Series HTV1900 supercharger at 10psi boost. Internally the 6L engine remains untouched apart from an Allsparks blower camshaft and valve springs making 518hp to the wheels. Drive changes include a Preston Automatics TH400 three speed ans 3.7:1 LSD rear end. Tuned by Allsparks.