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    Default 20" x 10" Work Wheels 4 sale

    GTR Works 20 x 10.5.jpg

    34 gtr.jpg


    WORK SC1 Black Polish.jpg
    4 sale 20" x 11" SC1 WORK Wheels to suit Import or Flacon.
    Wheels will fit over big Brakes.
    Will consider swapping 4 34 GTR rims & some other styles.
    The photos dont really do the wheels justice the Have a very nice deep dish.
    More photo's 2 come or appon request on 0408155536
    Asking price is $4000.
    Price them NEW 4 yourself in Australia and you will b looking at $2000 +
    Per rim!!! Believed 2 b the only set in Australia, Confermed by moderators on Skylines Australia 2 b the only set on a Skyline.
    Let me here your thoughts and questions
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