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    Default what car should i buy?

    im taking out a loan of 10 grand.
    which has to cover insurance and rego
    i love WRX's and sports cars
    buti dont know what 2 buy?
    can someone post pics n give me tips
    thanks. imprezas are nice

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    You just got your p plates. You probably don't need a sportscar. Seriously, wait till you get off your p's and then drive something fast. Insurance will be heaps, petrol will cost heaps, not to mention a p plater is not allowed to drive a turbo car in NSW.

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    not all sports cars / wrx's are turbo?
    yeah true about insurance and petrol ..
    maybe ill buy a SSS pulsar or a Corolla GTI

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    Your question is pretty vauge (like asking how long a piece of string is) but it seems you've already made your mind up as to what you like, why not go an impreza rx. Just a thought

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