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    Default mini truck hilux HELP!!

    fella's i need some help!!!
    i own a toyota hilux 1999 dual cab. its got all the mini truck mods, chrome grills, bumpers, apron, mirriros, taillights, healights, slammed 5 inch, tray has been fully shaven chrome door handles and a few more bits and pieces.
    the problem i'm facing is that i have been told to fit 20 inch rims on my car Is way to hard, and i'm better off baggin it. but then i have been told that you can put some spaces on and i will be fine, does anyone actually what the right answer is?
    some help would be great

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    Not sure where you are but Give Chris a ring at Eastside Performance in Adelaide on 08 8294 7272 , they sell interstate too . They know their shite

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    Default 20s on hilux

    You could do either but the best way ive seen is to do the bags.
    A mate of mine bagged his and the cut out the front inner gaurds and also cut the front gaurd arches.
    This also depends on your offset of the whell which will make some difference.
    Putting spacers is ok but not the best way if doing things.
    Think of it this way - your drving down th road and you turn right into a driveway and you rip the absolute bejezus out of your tyres and crease your gaurds. NOT HAPPY HUH.
    bagging lets you drive at a normal height and at the flick of a switch you drop ya guts on the road and smile ear to ear.
    By putting the sr5 4wd gaurds on you make some more room to turn when your low but you can only turn so far.

    Where are you located as i know a cuppla guys that can sort you out with a full bag and chassis drop and what not.

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    see bags i know would be off the hook, but there also heaps exspensive.
    and i haven't got $7000-$10000 to spend on a good set of bags. to buy 4wd guards will cost even more.
    see i know the spacers idea is not safe, but think about i have lowered my rear leaf springs with 5 inch blocks, there so close to touching the ground its not even considered safe anymore.
    what i was thinkin of is just reseting the rear leafs, then buying drop spindels for the front.
    i live in the Parramatta area NSW

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