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    I think the new falcon looks more like the new Toyota Aurion than it duz a holden.

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    u guys dont know wat ur talking about.... ive always said that ford always looked like a holden.... for example the BA looks like VT, VX, VY and Vz and a VE. the body shape is very similar to holden the way the roof curves over... but one thing really dissapoints the fords is the engines..... holden has always had the advantage over fords, ford are still using the 5.4 litre and is a piece of shit, holden have got 5.7L and know the beasty 6.0L.... and next year the almighty 7.0L 427c.i........... i will say it again to piss of the ford F***ks 7.0L 427c.i...... hahahahaha

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