Please follow these simple rules for each and every post placed in the trader section.

*You must provide a location
*You must put a $ value to your product
*You must state the condition of the item/s
*You must state method of preferred payment and postage
*You must state if you have photos available or not (and post them in the thread if you have any available)

*You are NOT TO bump a for sale thread more than once a day
*You are NOT TO comment on a sale item if you have no intention to buy it (i.e. dont say nice car, nice part, etc.. pm the user. Posting like this is in violation of my sanity and you will incur my rath via abusive pm's and being on my hitlist to future banning's)

If you don't meet these EASY to follow guidelines we will remove your posts without informing you. If you were too rude to read and follow a few guidelines of the site, then we dont deem it necessary to let you know either.
Ignore the rules a second time and you will get a pm and go on a ban warning list. Your second warning = instant ban for a period of time determined at time of banning.

*Commercial advertising of ANY kind is not allowed. What falls under the banner of 'commercial' is up to the discretion of the admin/mod's of the forum. If you are deemed to be advertising products which we deem to be of a commercial quantity or nature then your posts will be removed and you will be pm'd. Future posting under the same user name or an alias for the same product will lead to permanent dismissal from the forum.