well Murat finally did it, he cracked the 9sec Zone last night,

first pass with the same tune i did in the car 12 months back resulted in 10.1@133, the only changes to the car was a B&M shifter and Murat holding on the trans brake till 25psi was on the boost guage,

with that 9sec pass so close i put a little more boost into it, this time with 29psi on the transbrake! time 9.9@136!!

there is a lot left in this car still, what we need now is a M&W CDI system fitted to stop the spark blowing out in top gear (still runs a stock bosch coil and distributer!!!) and a slightly larger comp wheel in the turbo as she is out of puff!

big thumbs up to Murat for building one tough engine that has taken everything we have thrown at it and for a great stear job!!