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    Default 15 inch stockies for ford ba

    hey guys
    got my hands on a nice XR8. i don't want to turn the tyres on it to much so i want to know if you can get 15 inch stockies to fit the wheel patterns. and does anyone know when the wheel patterns change becasue i got told AU rims will fit it.

    thanks for all the help.

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    AUs will fit, BA and BF are 16 stockies. EL and earlier are a different offset

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    15" interceptor wont fit a BA/BF Falcon. The clash with the brake calipers, physically wont turn. The alternative is to run 16" interceptors, they will fit. However factory ones are only 6"wide the 4 1/2"backset. Try and get ones off an AU TAXI, they are 8" wide (allow bigger rubber), same backset.

    E-series wheels only differ to later ones in the backset(offset) The AU is +20mm, the BA is +30. So if you want to experiment, then I suggest possible wheel spacers may help, just check with a decent tyre / mag shop first.

    Hope thats of some help!

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    15' can fit if you modify the caliper, i have done so. so that i could get some 15 inch slicks under it (more variety in tyre selection)
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    the 15' offset is different from the one used on au's.
    the smallest(original ford) rim you will be able to go is the 16' stockies

    if you find 15' stockies with the same offset as the au, you will have to modfy the calipers. if you want it for burnouts and drag racing get rid of the back clipers and the rim should fit.

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