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    Default Drift in Tassie: Where do you want to see it???

    Ok so i know where i want drift to head in Tassie and what i want to do (partly why i started DrifTas) but im curious to hear all of your opinions on where you would like drift to go in Tassie.

    Now my main aim is to hopefully not only have a regular drift event happening (would like to have a regular competition happening next year) and plenty of oportunity for everyone to practice.

    I know that Bart and i have talked about looking at chataring for first time/beginner drifters that need a little more one on one tutition on the track and that is another aim of mine to see through for next year.

    I would like to think that DrifTas would be in a position to become a financial shareholder in the tracks with in the next 6 to 12months.

    What this means for us would be more track time for all of you and also the oportunity of hopefully having private drift practice like you do now of grip driving.

    We would also like to have the drift school sorted by then and hopefully i will have a car that i can get out and have some fun with you guys as well :wink:

    We have been throwing a few ideas around for a promo vehicle (some of you know what that is) and that is another thing i would like to see go through in the next 6 to 12 months also.

    Anyway that just some of what i want to see happen along with much much more but dont want to bore you or make you read more of an essay than you already have to.

    So please feel free to post up your thoughts on where you would like to see Drift in Tassie and why!!!

    Cheers GMB

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    more drift at symmons. for the the people up here that love watching(me ) or entering drift comps but don't have the funds or transport(me) to make it to basky... its just not cricket

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    yer more difting at symmons

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