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    Hello everyone just brought a vl turbo calais pulling engine out and starting rebuild here is some of my parts list

    Intercooler 600x300x75mm
    hi-flowed turbo not sure what size turbines yet
    3inch turbo back exhaust
    An ecu not sure what type still looking
    A fuel pump bosch 044
    Injectors not sure what type either
    Then going to run somewere up wards of 15psi
    Then going to paint it maybe stock colour or candy apple red
    Then rims was going for simmons then found out the price then changed my mind
    Stereo Alpine with PS2 in glove box
    And coil overs maybe all round
    And brakes DBA cross drilled and slotted or AP racing

    If you guys can recommend me things were i have said i am not sure what to get yet that would be great thatnk you

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    injectors i would go bosch 036, i was also told that you can only put coilovers on the front, the rears need serious modifications to fit coilovers. Brakes will cost you like 2.5k + for good ones so sounds like your not going to spend that much so why not go for some vt brakes with slotted rotors, ecu i would go microtech lt8. Hope this helps mate

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