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    Default The New SCT GM XCAL3 tuning module is now available!!

    Great News for Holden Owners!!
    The New SCT GM XCAL3 tuning module is now available!!

    The GM XCAL3 is an exciting new product for the full range of LS1 & LSX Commodores that offers you 3 interchangeable custom settings tailored to suit you’re driving and once everything has been set up you can easily swap and customise the programs yourself.
    Once fitted, there is no need to send away or remove your computer; everything can be controlled by YOU.
    Extremely easy to use, you can always set your car back to standard - the limits and combinations are endless! Whether you want performance – economy – towing, race applications or a mixture of all - the new SCT GM XCAL3 is definitely for you.
    Some examples include:
    1. 95 Octane Performance Tune
    2. 98 Octane Performance Tune
    3. Valet Tune
    4. E85 Performance Tune
    5. E85/98 Mix Tune
    6. 91 Octane Economy Tune
    7. Towing Mode
    8. LPG Tune
    9. Nitrous Tune
    10. Economy
    11. Low rev limit for lending your vehicle to young folk... or your partner.....
    The SCT GM XCAL3 can also acts as a Scan Tool where you can read and clear error codes, so you know exactly what is going on with your vehicle at any time.
    The Key Benefit to the SCT is has the ability to never have your car off the road, if you ever want to upgrade, files can be emailed or simply bring the controller back to us for uploading of new programs!
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    Independent Motorsports
    Shop 3/32 Vestan Drive, Morwell. Victoria. 3840
    (03) 5134 8822

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