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  1. Last chance for earlybird tickets to WTAC

    This week is the last chance to get your earlybird tickets to World Time Attack and save some serious $$$$
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    Tectaloy Drift Challenge

    Eastern Creek August 5th and 6th

    YouTube - 2011 Tectaloy Performance Coolants - International Drift Challenge
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    World Time Attack promo video

    This year WTAC is going to be EPIC!!!
    Dont miss it!!
  4. Superfast Japanese Silvia heading downunder for WTAC 2011

    Another super fast Japanese car headed down under for World Time Attack 2011
  5. An insight into Aerodynamics in motor racing

    This is an interview we did with ex Indy-car and Lemans aero engineer Andrew Brilliant, an American that resides in Japan and currently contracts to Super GT teams.
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    Qstarz data logging GPS lap timers

    This could well be the "product of the year" for 2011!!
    And it is under $200!!!!
  7. If you are building an engine anytime soon you should read this

    Connecting rods explained
    In this blog we cover what causes conrod failure, the different styles of aftermarket conrods available and what the pros and cons of each designs are and what features...
  8. Cyber Evo is coming back to Superlap 2011!!!

    The news on the Superlap website has confirmed that the Cyber Evo will be returning to Eastern Creek in 2011!!! Awesome news!...
  9. World Time Attack DVD now $19.95 delivered anywhere in Australia

    What a perfect Xmas present for anyone remotely into cars. See the worlds fastest time attack cars battle it out at Eastern Creek with a behind the scenes view of what it takes to beat Mark Skaifes...
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    Xmas presents for car people

    Check out our page of specials that are perfect for Xmas gifts!!!
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    Round 2 D1 NZ with Jake Jones

    After round one it was apparent the NZ cars pack a much bigger punch than what we are used to seeing out here so the Driftsquids car copped a power up prior to round two this weekend,
    You can read...
  12. Another price drop on GReddy Spec LS Intercooler...

    Another price drop on GReddy Spec LS Intercooler kits!

    NOW FROM ONLY $699!!
  13. If you own a GTR you should read this

    It is no secret the RB26 engine has some shortcomings in the oil supply department as many people have found out the hard way.
    We are continually asked about what the story is with the RB26 oil...
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    Royal Purple lubricants

    Full range of Royal purple lubricants now available online at
  15. Check out our product review of the Racepak/Haltech dash

    Here we have an independant look at the Racepak/Haltech dash both the display and logger versions. Could guages become a thing of the past?? Find out here ...
  16. November is THE month to buy any Turbosmart product

    Because in November all Turbosmart products are reduced by 10% at Hi Octane Direct!!
    this includes the cool new Compgate 40!!! This offer expires at midnight on the 30th November so dont miss out!!!...
  17. Greddy Spec LS intercooler kits from $749 NOW $699

    Buy genuine Greddy from and authorised dealer and you can be sure you are getting the real deal!!

    Kits were $799 now on special at $749!
  18. D1 NZ Jake Jones Round 1 day 2 video now up

    YouTube - Drift Squid TV - Jake Jones - D1NZ - Round 1 Christchurch - Part 2
  19. Video footage of Jake Jones NZ D1 Part 1 Day 1

    Drift Squid TV!
    Now live at

    also check
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    sorry for the slow updates guys. It was a drama...

    sorry for the slow updates guys. It was a drama filled weekend. you can read about it here
  21. Full range of Nitto proucts now online

    full range of Nitto products now available online at prices you wont believe......
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    Full coverage of D1 NZ this weekend

    We are off the Christchurch today for the first round of D1 NZ with Jake Jones and will be doing live updates over the weekend at
  23. Check out our new blogsite

    For many years we have taken pride in having a website that sold quality products and was backed up by knowledgeable staff that were available by phone or email to help you make the right decisions...
  24. Full range of PPG gearsets now online

    For many years PPG have lead the way in gearbox technology and many of the worlds leading race teams are now using this product that is proudly manufactured right here in Australia. We the biggest...
  25. Contour HD 1080P wearable POV cameras

    We have just landed a shipment of the best POV video cameras on the market the Contour HD1080P. These are the latest and greatest point of view video cameras at UNHEARD of prices! Strap it to your...
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