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    Absolute HORN... Love the sound of a 20B and...

    Absolute HORN...

    Love the sound of a 20B and bugger drift i want it for a daily
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    Dont want to be a stunt-wider wazza and split...

    1990 GSXR 750 L model.

    Full suspension racetech mods, new tires, no fairings, no rust in fuel tank, engine is fucked, but would be good for parts, carbs are knackerd.


    Dont want to be...
  3. Drift in Tassie: Where do you want to see it???

    Ok so i know where i want drift to head in Tassie and what i want to do (partly why i started DrifTas) but im curious to hear all of your opinions on where you would like drift to go in Tassie.
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