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Drift NSW
29-12-09, 06:44 PM

As Drift Australia Series Manager, I am proud to announce that NSW finally has its own Official State Comp!

The premier event will be run over two consecutive nights (15th and 16th of January) and will be held at Oran Park Raceway (Drift Land).

What better way to farewell the historic Oran Park Raceway then giving it one last Drift Comp?!

For all of you have been living under a rock, Oran Park Raceway (especially Drift Land) is the true home to Drifting in NSW.

* Drift NSW will play host to 32 drivers, including NSW's finest + interstate drivers (DA & SD Drivers more than welcome)

* Plenty of ON and OFF Track Entertainment

* Outstanding Trophies and Prizes

* Motive DVD Coverage

* Special Guest Commentators and Judges

* Prizes and Giveaways for Fans/ Spectators

* One lucky person in the crowd will win a FREE Project D Drift School!


1. Fernando Wiehrl (DA) - NSW
2. Scott Schembri (SD) - NSW
3. Luke Murphy (SD) - NSW
4. James Abbott (SD) - NSW
5. Jason Greenwood (DA) - NSW
6. Jim Turner (SD) - NSW
7. Brian Campbell (SD) - NSW
8. Hai Dang Le (SD) - VIC
9. John Papadoupoulos (SD) - VIC
10. Andrew Paraskevas (DA) - VIC
11. Josh Coote (DA) _ QLD
12. Tim Sorrasson (SD) - NSW
13. Lachlan Wilkinson - NSW
14. Matt Porter (SD) - NSW
15. Nathan Weissel (DA) - NSW

To Enter please email amy@projectd.com.au

Amy Boatwright - Drift NSW

This post will be updated as we confirm Driver Lists and further Sponsors


Drift NSW
06-01-10, 10:54 PM

Drift NSW
06-01-10, 11:05 PM

Drift NSW
07-01-10, 07:15 PM
Drift NSW has been postponed until further notice.

The reason for the postponement is mainly based on the enormity that event has turned out to have potential for. We have had a huge influx of sponsors showing interest. The only problem is most of these companies are unable to commit on the level they want to at this early stage of the year as they have not received their sufficient budgets at this stage. With only a few short weeks to prepare for the event it left little time to prepare the comp to the grand scale which it will be.

For these reasons we have decided to postpone the Competition to a later date in 2010.

But, in saying that, we don’t want our last chance to hold an event at Oran Park Raceway to go to waste. Therefore we will be holding a club night held by Project D Drift Club on the Friday night.

I will be keeping you informed with all updates to the future Drift NSW Competition and sorry for any inconvenience but on the bright side with all the interest from sponsors when the event is off the ground it will be even bigger and better than first anticipated.

Kind regards,

Amy Boatwright
Drift NSW