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23-12-09, 03:05 PM
We recently tuned our customer Justin's 1976 Ford Landau. It was such a neat looking car that we asked him for a quick run down on the history of the vehicle & mods he had done.
Justin bought the car in 2006 in its original condition and his plan right from the start was to build a cruiser.
The car was stripped to bare metal & Justin welded all of the rust which took him a good 6 months to complete. Next step was taking the car to the panel shop for body work & paint - 12 months later the car was back in Justin's shed!
The first mod was removing the vinyl roof off the Landau & replacing it with one that flowed with the lines of the car & then after this he smoothed out the panels under the bonnet to give it a cleaner look.
The suspension including bushes, springs, ball joints etc. were all replaced.
The interior is in the process of being done & it will be re-trimmed in full leather keeping the original design.
The Drive Trains consists of the following:

Engine: 378 Cleveland Stroker
Trans: C10 with 3500 Stall
Diff: Standard 9" with 3:5:1 Ratio
Wheels: Set of Billet rims from the States
Exhaust: Twin 3" with X Pipe & Mandrel Bends

Justin first brought the car to us in November this year to run it up on the dyno & see what the old girl had which to him was a disappointing 270rwhp. When the car was brought back to us this month to tune we got 318rwhp, making Justin a much happier man.


23-12-09, 03:24 PM
That's a neat car Stathi, you have any more photos?

23-12-09, 04:03 PM
I believe I have some more photos saved on my laptop, I will have a look over the xmas break & post them up.