View Full Version : TE V6 GEM MELB clean..

23-12-06, 01:18 PM
1980-TE gem
very clean gem
V6 vn motor an turbo700/ comes with spare s2 vp v6 an auto 93,000ks
b&M quicksilver shifter
autometer monster tacho... water temp an oil press gauges
pat gardner v6 conversion
vk mastercylinder..needs bigger rotors/cailpers.. for engineers...!
has all polution hooked up an cat converter
drives real nice an smooth an its a hole lot of fun...
askin about $5000ono but make an offer maybe even a swap genuine reason for selling...cheers no rego no rwc sum big dollars spent on this car.. could not bulid it for this price...

heaps of spares with it...

06-01-07, 06:16 PM
hey dude, does the car have engineers? whats it need for roady?

06-01-07, 07:26 PM
nah man no enigineers.. an it wudnt need much for a roady... an dude if its gone this weekend i`ll take 4k for it.. cheers!

15-01-07, 02:41 PM
ey bro ill swap u for my VL

19-02-07, 11:25 PM
hey dude do u still have the lil beast for sale. my car just got pinched and have had other shit on my mind thats why its taken me so long to write back!!!!

20-02-07, 08:34 PM
nah sorry mate its long gone.. an i miss it!!

26-02-07, 01:38 PM
shattered, how much did it go for!!

27-02-07, 05:18 PM
swapped it for a vk bt1..