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07-11-09, 03:00 PM
Thought this might be of some interest to people - We just finished a turbo conversion on a Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser with dual fuel.
The turbocharger we used is the same as what is found on all the XR6T's and we opted to go for a water to air intercooler as we had room restraints due to the dual batteries.
We also ran a Haltech ecu, which gives the ability to have dual maps and boost control to suit the dual fuels as we run 16psi on gas & 10psi on petrol.
The car made 220kw on petrol and 244kw on gas/lpg with peak power at 3500rpm.
The car will spin the tyres first, second, third with ease and this is all bearing in mind that it is a standard
220k toyota landcruiser engine & with 35" tall tyres.
I was very impressed with the Cruiser, the only way I can explain the power is picture it pulling out big tree stumps from the ground. This car would just rip them out - its an absolute animal considering it weighs in at 3tonne!!
Got some pics below & also some footage on the dyno. The footage isn't the best but its something!




07-11-09, 05:46 PM
nice setup mate impco 425 by the looks of it.
How manny converters you running 1 or 2 ?
any reason why 6psi more on lpg but only 24kw's at the wheels more?