View Full Version : 317kw VE 6lt Ute - Cam & Exhaust Upgrade

07-11-09, 01:51 PM
We just finished tuning a VE 6lt Ute with one of our Cam & Exhaust Upgrades.
The customer wanted a really lumpy cam and that is what we gave him! The car is super strong from 3000rpm to 7200rpm, but all in all it is a really good combo for a VE as a Cam only. Street manners would suit a learner, because it behaves that well!!
We installed the below parts:

VCM13 Performance Camshaft
Valve Springs
Retainers & Colletts
Double Row Timing Chain
ARP Balancer Bolt
Push Rods
VCM Intake Pipe
HM VE 3" Stainless Steel Polished Exhaust System, 4 into 1 Headers & Cats

The car in standard form was 211kw & after our cam & exhaust upgrade the car made 317kw.
The customer is absolutely stoked with his car & has already driven past our workshop 7 times since picking his car up spinning the wheels every time!!

Below are some photo's & also a link to some footage on the dyno.