View Full Version : LS3 Conversion in VT SS

07-11-09, 01:39 PM
We recently completed an LS3 conversion into a VT SS 6spd manual.
The customer came to us either wanting the 5.7 rebuilt or replaced with another engine & we decided to go ahead with replacing the engine with a new LS3, which still had the truck manifold & sump on it.
We put a very a mild Comp Cam in it & used all of the factory 5.7 mounts & we used a lingenfelter to convert the 6.2lt crank & cam signal to a 5.7 signal.
We also replaced the lifters from the displacement on demand to the normal lifter style set-up of a LS1 engine & used the standard VT SS cast exhaust manifolds & full standard exhaust.
We used a VCM Aluminium OTR & with one of our custom mafless tunes the car made 281.7rwkw.
The customer was extremely happy with the car & will be back in the next couple of weeks to get a 90mm throttle body, 1 7/8" 4 into 1 headers & a full twin 3" exhaust.