View Full Version : New Product: Seimans/VDO Deka series injectors

20-06-08, 03:50 PM
Seimens/VDO Deka Performance fuel injectors

The all new Deka performance fuel Injector range from Seimans/VDO are designed to deliver accurate flow rates with maximum reliability in high performance engines.

The Deka Series of injectors deliver precision pencil, cone and split spray patterns at high flow rates. Available in both high and low impedance configurations, the fuel flow rates are set and calibrated using state of the art manufacturing processes to ensure precise performance and total reliability.

Manufactured in ISO certified facilities in the USA and Italy, the Deka injectors are suitable for OEM and replacement applications and are now available from VPW Australia.

Flow rates & injectors specs available on application.

For more info on these or any other VPW products please call VPW Australia on 1300 659 904 or www.vpw.com.au (http://www.vpw.com.au)