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29-11-06, 05:51 PM
For Sale ,

Car: 1983 Series 2 Rx7, Untubbed OZ MOD or ST 289 Andra class
NOTE; This car is registered, current QLD rego 375 HBR

Engine; S4 block, new housings, Bridge ported, S6 encentric shaft and stat gears, 3mm SCR seals, clearanced rotors, dowled, Ported S4/5 inlet,
Turbo; To4e 66mm comp 60mm waste gate, 600 by 300 by 112mm ARE intercooler

Clutch+Box; Revsolution billet flywheel and billet NPC pressure plate(single), Andra approved steel bellhousing, Top loader 4 sp vertical gate shifter.

ECU; Haltech E8 direct fire ECU latest auto tune version, Anti Lag and flat shift activated.

Fuel; RCI fuel cell, 2 bosch pumps, 880cc primary inj + 1600cc sec, Adj mallory reg and twin fuel lines.

Diff; Hilux with S2 brakes, Modified/Fabricated 4 link rear end, Koni's etc 4.875 for drag + 4.11 for street. Note the 4.8's are noisey.

Made 488rwhp on 20psi on C16 and on that tune ran 9.9 @ 137 beside Bryce Miller at the shoot out.
400 rwhp on 16 psi and pump fuel 10.5 @ 130 1.47 60ft at Jambo.

Car has cage etc and current ANDRA Tech insp.

Complete eng, box, clutch, tailshaft, ecu + fuel system was brand new at Jambo.
I spent $ 15000 in the previous 4 months

Will sell in street trim for $ 16k or full race package, support and sponsors for $ 17500.... PH for full details.

Car Has CURRENT REGO!!!!!!!!!!!

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