View Full Version : East Vs West Coast Hi Tech battle

08-04-08, 01:28 AM
Come and support the local boys as two of the big hitter rotary cars come to battle on May 4th 2008 at the Perth Motorplex for the final round of the Hi Tech Titles!!

Phil Purser's "V HELL" 2JZ 8sec street VL, Jose Jardim's "WPN LCT" RB30 9sec street LC, Mick Farrel's 9sec street RX7 and Terry Stacy's 7sec full drag RX7, Plus many more local boys who will be gettting their cars ready to make it to the big event!

Bring your mates and family members because it's going to be a huge day of wheelstanding, half track burnouts and insane side by side sport compact action!!

24-04-08, 08:26 PM
Bring it on...should be fun...I'll have the Soarer there, see if we can't win something...