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15-11-06, 07:50 PM
1973 CHRYSLER Galant
White 2 pac full bare metal respray
Custom frnt bar to fit oil cooler
Bumpers have been re-chromed

Full custom interier! Nothing over the top just nice clean retrimed in grey back seat new carpet and roof and r33 frnt seats!
Speco amd auto meter fuel/oil pressure/water temo / taco/shift light
micotech hand-controler.

Brakes are sloted vt brakes up frnt and vl drums on the back along with a brand new vh44 remote booster!
Diff is a fully rebuilt hilux diff thats been shortened to suit!
It has a 4.8 locked center which is great around the streets but would recommend changing too a 4.3 center for hiway use!
Shocks are sigma stuts and king springs up front along with all new nultec bushes and a white line frnt sway bar
Up back reset leafs with extra leafs put in to stop axel tramp along with all new nultec bushes and monro shocks and very heavy duty u bolts. "as i kept striping them"

Motor is a stock s5 13bt from a s5 rx7
Dalton automotive imported the motor for me and pulled it down for a clean up and check when i got it! Good motor dosnt miss a beat always starts first go and doesnt blow any smoke! Which should mean mean it still has good comp! was over 100 on both rotas when i got it and hasnt done much work maybe 300 kms tops.
T04 hiflowed trubo with all braied lines for it."looks great"
3inch piping "very nice job" too a frnt mounted cooler! Hiden behind grill for sleeper look
All ran by a mtx8 microtech ecu. ltx12 update
975 bosch pump carted pre pump raising rate reg 1700cc indy injecters 550cc
Low boost around 12 psi makes 180rwks
Has made more but for the street and seeing its a stock motor I,v kept the boost low! Once rebuilt and ported should make 230rwkws on 18psi ish
Gear box s5 turbo with a 3 puck clutch "box feels quite good"

Car does not come with rego
Very very little to be done to finsh it I have just run out of time and dont have time to finsh or race it anymore in the near futura!
Also comes with lots of spares and a set of frt runner cepters rims for drag use plenty of other bits.

Sooooooooooooooo much more to say about it but all i can do is get you to call me on 0407918373 ask for chris
looking around $9000
Very neat car wont last long


22-11-06, 07:56 PM
price drop
$8500 ono or swap