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Sexy Berlina
08-10-07, 11:18 PM
hey guys i have a vl berlina that ive been wanting to sell for along time since i got a calais but everyone who says they are interested seen to screw me around so i hope to get some good offers or swaps etc

its a 1987 vl berlina, ill be straight up with everything, it has minor rust around the front windscreen could be easily fixed and im pretty sure thats the only rust in the whole car, the body is completly dead straight coated in ice blue, the only mods to the car are extractors 8mm leads and new plugs, the motor is in need of a service and tuneup as it is not running at its best atm but when its tuned correctly shes a pearler, interior is the same colour as the outside of the car, it currently has no exhaust on the car but i have a 2.5inch system that came off my calais waiting to go straight onto it, she has an immobiliser( engine kill and bonnet locker) stock auto, stock wheels, will put persuities on at buyers descression, the best part about this car is she only has 176thou on the clock, technically i am the 3rd owner of the car but when my dad worked for holden he brought it throw them from an old man who had it since new but i dont have logbooks to prove that but for 176thou its not a bad car, very ideal for a project, the only engine leak is the rocker cover gaskit, other then that everything is in good condition

i will concider every offer given to me, cash,trade etc but im hoping to make atleast $2000 from the car but i will c how it all goes

cheers guys hope u all like.


Sexy Berlina
08-10-07, 11:20 PM
i will also take pics 2moro as i dont have any.

09-10-07, 02:53 AM
good luck with the sale bud.

Sexy Berlina
10-10-07, 11:45 AM
cheers champ i hope it sells to lol but if it doesnt i might keep it for another project or something myabe a v8 this time

02-05-08, 01:11 PM
hi, has this been sold yet?

psi tx5
16-06-08, 12:53 PM
still got it?