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19-09-07, 03:28 PM
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The 5th and final round of the 2007 Toyo Drift Australia Series is shaping up to be the biggest and most exciting drift event in Australian history as all of the country's elite drivers and professional teams head to Sydney’s Oran Park Raceway this weekend (September 22-23).

With 500 championship points on offer and only 187 separating the top 8 drivers, the championship finale is set to become a monumental ‘winner-take-all’ battle.

At the top of the points table, Robbie “The Mad Irishman” Bolger is looking to power his way into the history books with his incredible 800hp V8 Holden Monaro. “Winning the championship would be dream come true” said Bolger. “Drifting started in Japan and is dominated by high performance Japanese imports so winning the Australian Drift Championship in a big Aussie V8 would be sensational.”

Hot on Bolger’s heals and leading the charge for the Japanese imports is South Australia’s 'Corporal' Christian Pickering in the Team CTS Nissan 180SX. Third is WA's Adam 'Borneo' Trewhella in the big Nissan Cefiro. 2005 series winner Darren 'Afro' Appleton is 4th in his Nissan 180SX. Fifth is Round 4 winner Fernando Wiehrl in the chrome Auto Salon Industrie Adrenalin S15 Silvia. Sixth is the reigning Australian Drift Champion Beau 'The Show' Yates who stole victory from Bolger in a winner take all final battle at Oran Park last year in his legendary Toyota Sprinter. Seventh is Leighton Fine in the Team Peer Nissan Onevia and rounding out the top 8 is 'Turbo' Tom Monkhouse, winner of Round 3 at Eastern Creek in his Nissan 180SX.

In addition to the Toyo Drift Australia Series final which will decide who will be crowned Australian Drift Champion, the event also includes the final round of the 2007 Super Drift Series, Team Drift action and the Toyo Drift Expression Session.

Off track entertainment includes the Auto Salon Magazine Show n Shine, a back-flipping freestyle minibike display, extreme mototrials demonstrations while Oran Park’s North Circuit will feature non-stop Stunt bike and Supermoto Mayhem action.

Gates open at 7:30am on both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available at the gate.

Saturday - $20
Sunday - $30
Weekend - $40
Children under 12 are free


Saturday 22nd September

7:30am Gates open
10:00am Super Drift Series practice
10:30am Toyo Drift Australia Series practice
11:00am Super Drift Series qualifying
1:00pm Lunch break
1:35pm Super Drift Series Top 32
2:35pm Super Drift Series Top 16
3:10pm Toyo Drift Australia Series practice
3:40pm Super Drift Series Top 8
3:55pm Super Drift Series Top 4
4:10pm Toyo Drift Australia Series practice
4:40pm Team Drift practice
5:00pm Finish

Sunday 23nd September

7:30am Gates open
9:00am Toyo Drift Australia Series qualifying
11:00am Super Drift Series Finals
11:30am Toyo Drift Australia Series Top 32
12:30pm Toyo Drift Australia Series Top 16
1:00pm Lunch break
1:35pm Toyo Drift Australia Series Top 8
1:50pm Toyo Drift Australia Series Top 4
2:05pm Toyo Expression Session
2:30pm Toyo Drift Australia Series Final
2:45pm Toyo Drift Australia Series Final Presentation
3:05pm Toyo Expression Session
3:30pm Team Drift Final
4:00pm Finish

Mr Parts
01-10-07, 08:13 PM
congrats to robbie for taking out the title!

01-10-07, 09:31 PM
Good to hear the V8 did it... Well Robbie did it but the V8 helped lol...