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13-09-07, 12:57 AM
Subtle: One of the most advanced skylines on the streets. Regarded as one of the highest SQ car stereo's in Perth - Uncontested, 1st Place Open Class 601 Watts +.

Competition System, featured in "In Car Entertainment"

Please head to the website for all of info ... http://subtle.2tunes.com


Basic Specs


1995, Nissan GTS-Turbo
5spd Manual
Cat-back stainless steel, high flow exhaust
RG Drag Racing Clutch
G-Reddy Turbo Timer.
K&N Airfilter.

Colour: White

Custom Audio + Entertainment System ($30,000 worth)

SQ System (clear as anything)
Based on MB Quart QLines for the top end and Rockford for the power.
901 Watts continuous RMS.

Powerful Car PC, which runs windows XP and is controlled via an in Dash TouchScreen (Full res).
Will play any format of music file (including FLAC), every video format, and you can load your own software. The 100 Gb HDD can store approximately 20,000 songs, 2,000 music video clips or 146 full length movies.

Special Software integrates with your mobile phone to allow contact lookup and dialling via the in dash monitor. Txt messages can also be read out you in Australian Accent.

There really is too much info for this post, please head to http://subtle.2tunes.com (http://subtle.2tunes.com/) for pictures and further details.

Location: Perth
Payment Terms: C.O.D / Bank Finance
Special: Plates "Subtle" included in the price.

Please email or call for frther details, thank you.


Mob: 0411 800 606