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06-09-07, 08:43 PM
Item: 2 X LA Lancer sedans

Location: Brisbane

Website: N/A

Item Condition: (one has no rust, the other has minor rust...very small amount)

Reason for Selling: Cant legally put my motor/box into it and they are getting rare

Price and Payment Conditions: $600 for the white one, $500 for the one that is ready for paint, or will sell parts seperatley (basically 2 cars minus motor and boxes)

Extra Info: Have a set of 15'' mags and tyes to suit (Yokohama tread) with some dish at extra cost

Pictures: See below

Contact Details: Steve 0421646875 or email atho6730@bigpond.net.au or reply/P.M here

My goal was to make a replica of my old one which is the green one in the pic below.

The white one still has all the interior in it and is complete minus the stock motor/box, the other (red colour) is as it is in the pics, the panels are off the car is primered and this is the one i was going to have as my car the white was mainly for parts if i needed any. As they are hard to find the bits these days, i do have 3 grills also, the only thing i have sold from both the cars is the instrument cluster, still have a mint one from the donor car though (would rather wait to sell that seperatly as i would want to see it go into the car if someone ends up wanting to buy the car to make complete as i too know how hard it can be to find the bits.
So dont miss out, it took me 2yrs to find these 2 cars and i will be sad to see them go even in the state they are in at the moment.
I could paint one of them and put a 2ltr in it but it will be a tease for me.




This is what i was trying to turn it into (my old car)

These are of the white one that had the VR4 motor in it. (pics taken 6/9/07)