View Full Version : F.S Datsun 1200 UTE unfinshed project, bris..pics!!!!

06-09-07, 08:42 PM
Item: Datsun 1200 ute

Location: Brisbane

Website: N/A

Item Condition: Good condition (needs tunnel welded in and tray too) was going to be used as a drag car from previous owner.

Reason for Selling: Not needed as im not into utes (bought it for the drive train) so no engine or box

Price and Payment Conditions: Taking offers for now at the moment (seen these in worse condition go for $3000 and up).
Will swap for 13B turbo rotary parts (surge tank, EFI pumps, B.O.V etc etc) plus a cash adjustment my way.

Extra Info: Was going to finish it but not really into utes, has new shocks, TRX mags with Pirelli tyres alround in good condition front nearly new, sports front seats (unknown of what type, never owned a datto ute). Diff looks to be a decent size, sports steering wheel and ecu DO NOT come with the car!
I will ebay the ute if i dont get any interest here.

No rust in this thing too, hard to find with no rust, most are riddled with it.

Pictures: See below

Contact Details: Steve 0421646875 or email atho6730@bigpond.net.au