View Full Version : Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix

19-08-07, 01:24 AM
First clip is from John Frankenheimer’s (Ronin) movie Grand Prix (1966) at one of the greatest tracks of all time; the orginal Spa-Francorchamps. Just like Nordschleife, old Spa is the kind of track that would never be permitted for modern F1 use; same goes for the banking at Monza. Not that anyone would want to race on the notorious Monza banking anyway. (clip2)

The movie is worth getting if you like F1 stuff from that era, James Garner plays the main protagonist but the movie also has some notable GP racers like Phil & Graham Hill, Jim Clarke and Bruce McLaren who assisted with the filming of the movie.
The film uses plenty of onboard camera work; onboard cameras was a brand new technology in the mid 60s when this film was made and there is also all that awesome aural splendour that adds adrenalin to the action.