View Full Version : Trust/Greddy Specials

03-08-07, 10:57 AM
Hey guys, have a heap of GReddy gear here at unbeatable prices!!

$395 for profec b specII EBC Boost controllers.

$609.95 for R32 PEII Exhaust Systems

$628.95 for R33 PEII Exhaust Systems

$668.95 for R34 PEII Exhaust Systems

$1866.95 for TD06L2 20G 8cm turbo

$1996.95 for T67 25G 10cm turbo

$2268.95 for T78 33D 17cm turbo

$2359.95 for T88 33D 15cm turbo

$1179.00 for Type C Highflow external wastegate

$4353.95 for T67 S14 200sx full turbo kit

$776.95 for RB26DETT Greddy Plenum

$510.95 for S14 Greddy Plenum

$875 for R33 GTS-T front facing Greddy Plenum

Many many many many more products available at unbeatable pricing. To get these prices you must email sportcompact@vpw.com.au and say you are from this forum.