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25-07-07, 01:09 PM
I cant mention everything but here is a couple
it has a walbro 500hp fuel pump,3" exhaust straight off the turbo to the rear, motor has only done about 90,000kms but with a recent topend rebuild, with 150comp across the 4 cylinders

it is factory fitted 4wd 4G63 powerd 1990 CB Lancer GSR and is very rare

has vic rego and with the 4G63, plus I spent quite a few dollars on it also

looking $11,000 as is

its a great sleeper

I havent finished the car but have a wolf ecu to go in and could easy make 200wkw

Travis or pm
PH : 0421 422 392

might have seen it at easternats as it was the only Lancer GSR there that I seen

28-07-07, 04:57 PM
pms replyed