View Full Version : F.S SS ute 300rwkw 11.20@123mph

16-07-07, 09:05 PM
I am selling as I want to build a faster car and like the ute abit to much to go hacking it up and putting in a cage ect.
Gen3 LS1 MAFless tune with Comp 230,230@110lsa cam, C.O.M.E H/D valve springs with titainium retainers, 78mm T/B,LS6 intake manifold,25% U/D pulley,Carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass OTRCAI,1 liter catch can with K&N fillter.
Exhaust Pacemaker 1" 3/4 long 4 into 1's duel 3" cats,duel 3" cat back 2x3"mufflers 1 rear muffler with duel 3" pipes though it this is flanged so you can take it off and run the two dump pipes after the diff.
Fuel system is brand new,Bosh 044 pump,36lb injectors,surge tank,Sard adjustable fuel reg,Dash 6 speedflow fittings,HIflow lines will suport big h.p
Auto box is a very very built brand new 4l60e billet sleaved input sharft,Extra wide Kevlar bands,billet servos,5 pinion gears billet sprag hubs ect ect what can I say its a 5 grand gearbox built by EKR.B&M tranz cooler again Dash 6 speedflow fittings and the best lines money can buy.
Stall converter is a new slingshot 4,000rpm H/D unit with lock up so it drives on the freeway with the cruise control on like a normal car.
Diff is a Difftecknics super tight LSD with 3'91 gears
Suspention is made up of Pedders lowered shocks,Kings superlow springs with Polybag air bags fitted to the rear springs.I can also supply the VT "race" shocks too.

Comes with a full black leather cabin and all the normal mod cons like cruise control,power windows ect that you get in a SS and is in very good condition as you would expect of a late model car.
Its located in sydney but would be happy to Email pics to anyone not able to come and see it.
It can also be seen in the latest "Strret Commodores" DVD as they are running a feature on the first few mods we did and the next DVD will have how the ute is now.
Will get some better pics but this is what I have for now.

The ute has run best of 11'20@121mph with a 1.57 60" on ET'streets still turn'in rubber out of the hole so on a good track there is a 11.1 or 11.00 in it
no doubt.
This makes it one of the fastest "cam only" LS1's in the country.
Price $24,000
Call Martin on
0415 186 076.