View Full Version : lj 4 door worked 202 lots of mods

05-07-07, 08:08 PM
1973 lj 4 door gtr mockup


Reason for Selling: need a ute for work

Price : i dont havea price i want 2 swap 4 a vy ba or lj 2 door with no motor

worked 202 yella terra head yella terra roller rockers holley 465 4 barel carbie solid cam allow rocker cover modified genine extractors 2 a 2 inch exust all new engine gaskets besides head gasket electronic dizzy 1 day old battery. engine sits infront of a steal case CELICA 5SPEED conected 2 a custom tailsaft and fully rebuilt ford nine ich with 355 gears 28 spline axles torana stud patern was rebuilt 3 days ago has new fuel sender allso

the torri has full black interior GTR dash and gtrcenter console near perfect very hard 2 find. has new carpet kickerpanels parcel self boot carpet kickers and custom light covers 2 month old sports stearing wheel new code alarm with engine imobiliserand new jvc usb mp3 conpatable head unit 2 6.9 pioneet speakers sony explode amp 10inch kicker sub new glove box insert all new door seals

the torri has gtr flutes gtr blackouts 13inch sprintmasters brand new front and rear bupers all crome is there and polishes up perfect cums with custom plates judglj tops the car off very nicely car allso cums with 4 volvo stockies wich are 15inch wihc have been dished 2 suit the torana with band new rubber

i just paid the rego last week so will cum with 12 months rego the car costs me $315 4 insurance a year full comp under my name and i am a p plater so dont think all the mods will kill u with insurance


05-07-07, 08:47 PM
nice roughly how much? ball park figure?

06-07-07, 05:02 PM
hey mate around $10 grand but make me an offer

07-07-07, 03:14 PM
nice car mate best of luck with the sale.

$315 insurance a year is cheap, who have you have got it insured with?

07-07-07, 04:45 PM
hey mate im with gio and if the car gets ridden off i pay $50 and get 2 keep the wreck pritty good i checked every other plance then all wanted like $500-1500

18-07-07, 05:39 PM
bump back 2 the top we go