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03-07-07, 01:39 PM
VIDEO HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKJ-nn_wnvc)

Information below

"2003 chevy duramax crew cab/short bed, 4 wheel drive....I was there out in michigan to see the dyno run, talk with the owner (really cool guy}...

stock block, stock crank, aftermarket rods, ported stock heads, chromoly pushrods, hardened valves, cut down stock pistons (down to about 14:1 compression}, headstuds, o-rings, dual injection pumps, huge sticks (injectors}, and one ginourmous set of twin turbos. The SMALL turbo is a GT42 or GT45, I forget. The big turbo is like the size of a beachball. The thing sounds insane, and I can tell you first hand the truck is SCARY FAST. 2wd is useless at WOT below 80+mph, and 4wd is useless below 40mph or so.

the rear axle, transfer case, front axle, front halfshafts/CV's, driveshafts, are all factory stock. The allison transmission is built up with a aftermarket torque converter, better clutches, steels, and valve body mods. The truck only recently had a billet input shaft installed, all of the other hard parts in the trans are stock. The truck dyno'd 1004rwhp and beat on the street when it still had all stock hard parts in the trans...shows how insanely overbuilt that tough trans is. I recently read of some guy with a modded cummins who snapped a stock dodge 47re input shaft at 370rwhp...yikes..

but then again, the dodges have the much stronger cummins engine, so you cant win them all......

the 1036hp run was made at 50psi...the twins run up to 85psi on the street but could not be properly loaded on the dyno. Also, the torque converter was completley shot. The Allison TCM (trans computer} was not designed for this hp and racing...it was programmed to move big heavy loads and last forever....so it goes WTF when you throw big hp at it. It kept unlocking and locking the converter for no reason, which fried the converter...with a good converter, the truck has at least 1100-1200hp in it.."