View Full Version : FS SYD: GD Galant Wagon, Drag or Fast Street 10.51@124

13-06-07, 12:35 PM
Iím looking at selling my GD Galant Wagon. Itís one of the fastest Galants in the country and certainly has the potential for even faster times. This car used to bear the plates SPASTK and also SIK10Z and will be sold with the current plates SPA57K.

This car has run 10.51 @ 124mph. It runs consistent 10 second passes. It has had many, many dollars poured into it over the 6 years that I have owned this car.
Specs include:
Sigma 2.6 Litre Astron engine, fully balanced, ACL bearings, standard rods, ACL hypereutectic pistons, Total Seal gapless rings, copper headgasket, ARP rod bolts, ARP Head studs, Crank Scraper imported from the US, Magna head, Very Large exhaust valves, K-Line valve guides, Bezerkely race cam, double valve springs, Porche Rocker tips, custom made 8 bolt adjustable cam gear, balance shafts removed. The intake is a TN magna with Yella Terra ported VR 5 litre throttle body, 8 13b turbo injectors, custom fuel rail, plumbed in with direct port nitrous setup. Motor is not very old, lucky to have 3000kms on it.
The turbo is a T04E with 60mm front wheel, 32mm garrett wastegate, sigma turbo manifold. Intercooler is a large Hyperflow unit.
Computer is a brand new Microtech LT10s with X4 Ignition box and 4 bosch coils. Installed and tuned by Castle Hill Exhaust. Fuel system consists of 2 bosch 910 pumps, holley blue lift pump, surge tank, SX fuel reg. Nitrous fuel system has a holley blue and VL pump with a malpassi regulator.
The car makes 388hp at the wheels on 30psi. Nitrous has yet to be used, but is plumbed up and working. No bottle.

2 speed Powerglide built by Figtree Automatics full of Soderstrom (sp) components. Manual Valve body, Kevlar clutches, turbo 400 input shaft, transbrake, Hurst Ratchet Shifter etc. Oil changed after every race meet without fail. Flex plate is a custom made unit by Dominello Racing Transmissions and Cost $800. Converter has also been built by Dominello ($1500) and is one of the reasons this car runs like it does.
There is a 3.5 inch tailshaft with Falcon GT unis. The diff is a Ford 9 inch with billet axles, 3.6 full spool centre, disc brake rear. Built by Sydney Competition Warehouse. Leaf Springs have recently been reset with extra leaves, rebuilt with new bushes.
Front struts consist of GH Sigma units, 90/10 shocks and Sigma Vented Brakes with Commodore Calipers.

Interior has been stripped of sound deadening and painted. (A massive job). 6 point roll cage fitted with additional bracing, welded in intrusion bars, rci race seat and 5 point harness. Car has a current Andra Technical Inspection. Its also Registered and engineered for everything except the cage and Harness.

There is so much more to mention, car will be sold with the full set of Simmons F15 Wheels and also the slicks which are 2 meetings old. Also have McDonald Bros wheelie bars and a 2 link kit available at extra cost of wanted. This is a true 10 second car, not something thatís ďGonna run 10ísĒ. Itís tech inspected, so go out and race. It is the perfect OZMOD/ST 289 car. Very Consistent and I have proven this by winning a round of the Jamboree and also being runner up in the OZMOD Championship for the 2005/2006 season. Asking $22000, negotiable.