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25-10-06, 09:47 AM
Item Condition: Perfect Condition,
Price and price conditions: offers around $60k
Extra Info: ANDRA TECH INSPECTED AND LOG BOOKED, gueninue reason for sale. will not seperate any parts,
Pictures: see below
Contact Details: PM or call Dale on 0412 044 456 or Dave on 0418 689 167
Location: Sydney
Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Will deliver in sydney or ship interstate at buyers expense.

Sydney Jamboree 2004 won Top 4 door,
Sydney Compak attack won Best of Show 1st place and Top engine bay,
Car has run 9.4@142

Brand new 13b Bridge port engine, new NRS apex seals, new gaskets etc, GT45R turbo (Garrett Roller bearing), PWR intercooler, PWR radiator, Oil cooler and trans cooler. Phil Laird intake, electric water pump etc.

2 exhaust systems, 3in for street and a 4in for racing.

Gear Box
ALS Race Glides C4, brand new converter, pro ratchet shifter, transbrake etc

Strange nodular iron carrier, strange alloy pinion support, 35 spline slip yoke, richmond competition gears, mark williams axles, strange light weight full spool, ARP wheel studs.

Full bare metal respray in bright yellow paint, 2 boot lids- 1 for street and 1 carbon fibre race boot with alloy wing. full fibreglass front, lexan rear and rear door windows, Mini tubbed back end. New Mcdonald bros wheelie bars, diest chute,

E-boost boost controller
Microtech LT10s race box with x4 ign booster and full wideband data logging on board.

fuel system
magnafuel 1000hp methenol pump, 8x1600cc injectors, 2x900cc injectors, 2x SX regualtors, magnafuel fuel filter, custom alloy fuel cell,

Velo seats, full retrim in yellow and purple vinyl, full autometer custom dash, 6 point roll cage with tech inspection sticker.

Convo Pro 15x4 front and 15x10 rear fitted with MT 26x10 slicks and front runners,
centre line billet street wheels 15x10 and 15x4 with BF goodrich 295/50/15, front are 145 front runners.

everything hose in the car is Braided, no hose clamps in the car other than on intercooler pipes!! the radiator hoses cost over $1500 alone!

Any questions please ask


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25-10-06, 04:12 PM
Looks tuff and runs 9's...great car alot of workmanship gone into it obviously
The engine bay looks like a big bowl of spagetti with all those hoses.

25-10-06, 05:20 PM
Bump good luck with sale. Hell of a car :)

Mate if you got something to say. Pm the bloke
Its a FS Thread..........:mad:

25-10-06, 05:58 PM
Unbelievable ... fucking mental launch dude

Would cost well over 100,000 to build

60,000 is a good price

25-10-06, 11:44 PM
Nice RX3 man! Goodluck with the sale dude:)

26-10-06, 09:06 AM
Unbelievable ... fucking mental launch dude

Would cost well over 100,000 to build

60,000 is a good price

woops forgot to change the price,

offers around $45k now,

we need it gone the new project has arrived already :)

the car ran 10.7 on 6psi boost and 9.4@142 on 18psi with the N20 and a POS slapper engine, since then the car has had over $10k spent on it with a new race motor (NRS seals, Guru maching, Guru stud kit, basically everything from the Guru catalog less the 2 piece shaft) full rear suspension rebuild to get the car launching better (it did 1.30 60' on the back wheels over the 60ft marker) larger GT45r turbo (previous was a GT42r) etc etc,

so 8 sec passes are just a transbrake away :)

26-10-06, 11:06 AM
I'll vouch for this car being VERY NICE!

06-11-06, 07:26 AM
that is 1 hot RX3

only wish cars like this were worth 20k not 45k, i would buy tomorrow:)

26-03-07, 02:03 PM
sold to a good bunch of guys that will look after it :(