View Full Version : Imported Honda Civic for sale

04-06-07, 11:11 PM
Location - Melbourne, Victoria
Honda, Civic 88 with a B16A installed
$5000with AMG RIMS $4500 with stock CRX wheels
New Clutch Needed
And flat battery
Hasnt been driven in Months
Very Good On Petrol!!!

Beside that the car has alot of potential
Car "Has" current registration and engine is registed with the car..
Brakes have been upgraded front and rear to EG9 hardware with B/Booster and Master/cylinder
EF9 Civic Raised Bonnet
Rear Altessa Lights (have 2 different centre panels, 1.with black civic logo, 2.the clear altessa light set)
Rear adjustable Camber kit installed
external fuel pump

Contact me On 0413 956 831 Or
Email my-ttech@bigpond.com.au
The times you are available for people to look at the car - after 7pm

Pics of the car @