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05-05-07, 05:53 PM
Hi guys. We are putting our VN SS up for sale as it is impractical for our needs these days, it hardly gets driven as the missus takes the VT to work and i ride my bike to my work.
Basically it's a 1991 build "update" VN SS Power Pack.
5.0 and 4 speed auto with 2000 converter.
Has full Electrics ie windows, mirrors, aerial, cruise.
Has CD player and good speakers, sound is choice.
Throttle Body upgraded to a 71mm.
K&N Filter=choice.
Has 4 New tyres.18/1/07
Has brand new Monroe gas shocks fitted all round. 3/5/07
Has new wheel bearings, discs and pads on the front.

The car is more or less un-modified from standard as it has been daily driver for since we've had it. But like i say it hasn't been driven much the last 6 months.
The body is still sweet except for a couple of scratches that were on the car when we bought it. Would make an excellent daily for someone who is interested, i only put $20 a week in it when it was being used daily.

We are asking $7500ono for it.

06-05-07, 11:26 PM
looks very clean mate good luck with the sale i rekon my mate would of bought this about 1 month ago but as he just bought a vy ss highly doubt it now should sell quik good luck

31-05-07, 11:03 AM
$6000 anyone???

31-05-07, 05:50 PM
where abouts are you located