View Full Version : FS: Melbs - COMPLETE XBOX 360 PACK WORTH OVER $1,200

01-05-07, 11:17 AM
Up for sale Is my XBOX 360 pack which Includes the following 2 x wireless controllers, Extra Memory card, DVD Remote, Console, All cables/wires ect, 2 x Army style face's for the XBOX 360, 5 x Games = Need For Speed: most wanted, Import Tuner Challenge, Saints Row, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2007, Project Gotham Racing 3.
Still have all the manuals and everything for It, & with the package I brought you get a xbox live membership for sometime I haven't yet used that so It'll be all there.. + all the additional features that the xbox 360 has, dvd player, mp3/cd player, Internet, XBOX LIVE ( play against people) all that stuff!!

I also have the reciept that says I purchased all this for $920.00 which didn't including hardly any of these games.. So I've roughly spent $1,200 on this set up which Is basically complete only thing you need Is 2 keep buying the current games (when there out).. These are all current games for now!! Spent $1,200..

I'll be looking at offers around the $750-800 mark. You won't find a complete package this cheap anywhere not even ebay. I can take photo's if you want but I think most people know what an XBOX 360 looks like, It's In prefect condition. Reason for sale well I'm basically over it now yeah I played it but now I'm done with it. I see It sitting there and I think I could use that money on my car!!

0411 424 460 sms me with a offer If your keen. I'm near melbourne city so if it's close I'll be able 2 deliver If not we'll have to make a spot 2 meet. cheers!!

04-05-07, 12:43 PM
crazy price bro good luck with the sale should sell soon :)