View Full Version : stOck VL for sale

26-04-07, 03:42 PM
heii ppl my mates celling her stOck vl shes asking for $1,500.. also shes getting a new spray job and a new transmission put in so that will be done already..
4 mOree detaiilz pm me
thankyoou :)

26-04-07, 10:17 PM
sOrry cars been inpOunded 4 6mOnthzz..
if neOness still interested aftaa that pm me thankyOuu :)

08-05-07, 02:07 AM
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO y would sum1 by a impounded car ROfl ;)

08-05-07, 03:18 PM
1. It's probably better to put this add in the correct section, where the rest of the car's that are selling are...
2. It probably would've been better for the sale if the 'car being impounded' part wasn't mentioned...

10-05-07, 12:45 AM
3. Dont talk like a stooge

Mr Parts
13-05-07, 10:33 AM
this whole thread is rubbish.