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18-10-06, 09:39 PM
Been listening to this album flat out over the last few months, it's awesome, smiliar to Trivium.


4 Words - Look At Me Now!


25-11-06, 06:39 AM
i might have to give them a listen! if they are like Trivium.

07-02-07, 11:34 AM
if they are anything like Trivium live then I wouldn't let someone pay me to listen to it. If anyone was at the Melbourne Big Day Out they would have seen that Trivium are nothing outside a studio!

You want good metal? Get some Tool CD's!

08-03-07, 03:34 PM
OH MY GOD DUDE!! Use listen to awesome as music!!!
Tool, Trivium, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE! oh my god F*CK YES!!
haha yeha i like all them bands
Hatebreed is awesome too!!!
annnd Shattersphere, Pantera, Slipknot, Rammstein
god any bands like them and i'm inlove! xD

15-04-07, 05:41 PM
In my opinion the best METAL to cruise to is

Fear Factory

Mr Parts
02-05-07, 06:30 PM
i saw fear factory when they were out with korn a few years back, they were just supporting korn and were WOEFUL. static x were a shit load better and they are pretty shit LOL well past their best stuff ;)

03-05-07, 11:13 AM
Older Heavy Metal really isn't my thing... too many bogans associated with it :p But the current crop of Hardcore/Metalcore from down under that has been developing over the last 3 - 4 years is amazing. I've been to countless gigs here in Brisbane and I never get tired of it.

I Killed The Prom Queen (now dispanded), Parkway Drive, Mourning Tide, Wish For Wings, Her Nightmare, Cry Murder, Against, 50 Lions, Miles Away, Stronghold, Jungle Feaver etc. etc. just to mention a few.

By the way I agree with the stance on Trivium... they were pretty average at Big Day Out on the Gold Coast!

12-05-07, 11:55 AM
New Stone Sour coming soon


03-08-07, 10:43 AM
iF YOU LIKE rock and metal check out www.guzzler.info and link it to myspace , awsom local band

Mr Parts
13-09-07, 08:34 PM
anything new in the world of metal :P


meh... maybe it will be another GnR style new release and just never happen.

Mr Parts
11-01-08, 06:21 PM
just got viva la bands volume 2. some good shit on there! (a lot of middle of the road soft rock too but)

Mr Parts
08-02-08, 10:54 PM
anyone seen/going to see iron maiden?

dont think im quite old enough to attend :P

16-11-08, 03:27 PM
you guys listen to any real metal??

-All Shall Perish (http://www.myspace.com/allshallperish)
-As Blood Runs Black (http://www.myspace.com/asbloodrunsblack)
-Thy Art is Murder (http://www.myspace.com/thyartismurder)

I Guess not...? Check em out, their kickass