View Full Version : The Killers - Sams Town

Mr Parts
18-10-06, 06:23 PM
Ive given sam's town a few listens now and even though the band thinks its better, i have to dissagree. Its no where near as good as hot fuss which is a major let down after reading about how good the band said it was. I still have hot fuss in my car even after it came out over two and a half years ago now and listen to it start to finish at least once a week.

I guess ego really isnt a dirty word LOL

next album to get a thrashing in the car is eskimo joe - black fingernails red wine... really like london bombs on it.

Mr Parts
03-02-07, 06:08 PM
went to the gig at festival hall the other night. fukin ROCKED.

havent been to festy in a while, never going to a big arena venue again, not worth the money to see a little dot in the distance for twice as much!

and after a lot of listening (it is still in the car and i listen to it daily!) id have to say that this album rules! i like it more than hot fuss now.