View Full Version : !!!wtb Rx3 Sedan 13bt Wtb!!!!

04-04-07, 05:26 PM
Want to buy mazda rx3 sedan with 13bt in it must be engineered and minimal to no rust good money will be payed, must be in vic (melbourne) so i am able to view it personally. If car doesn't come with engineers a lesser amount will be payed.

17-04-07, 11:35 AM
mate i have a gen sedan in sydney 13bt. give me a call 0415202112

18-04-07, 06:04 PM
Yeah im interested if i like it and its the right price, post some pics up and details of it, only problem is i hate flying :o.

09-05-07, 11:28 AM
Bump, there has gotta be an Sedan Rx3 for sale in VIC with 13bt.

09-05-07, 12:22 PM
RX3's are as rare as hen's teeth down south now.

You rarely see them on the street unlike 10 years ago. :(

Mr Parts
09-05-07, 12:35 PM
check out www.ausrotary.com always something for sale on there.

for a clean neat engineered 13BT (standard conversion) example, expect to pay >$10k+ these days. more for a coupe.

31-05-07, 06:02 PM
Rx3 has been purchased for over 10K by the way and $$$ to get it fixed up and road worthy, but will be a killer once complete:D

31-05-07, 10:38 PM
So give us all a hint... what did you buy? Anything well known in the Rotary circles?

01-06-07, 07:30 AM
I'm after same thing, very hard to find in VIC

05-06-07, 05:41 PM
Yeah it is hard to find one in vic that is engineered and original, mines a sedan 13bt s4 motor its at maztech at the moment been there the last 2 weeks getting a few bits and pieces done to it to get it running good and proper the way it should have been:)