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29-03-07, 12:34 PM
Holden Commodore VL
Manual RB25/30 Turbo

Hello.. I'v had a few probs like it has a dint in the rear 1/4 because someone reversed into it and now won't pay.. It ran of of fuel and now won't start.. Not sure why it won't start. It ran out of fuel and after that she just did't wan't to go.. I put a new intank pump in and changed all 6 plugs.. I'm sure it won't take much to get it going again with someone who know what there doing but up here you have to pay $45 a hr for them to learn.. Anyway went well when it was going.. I'm sure if someone knows about these cars they will get it going no prob. Open to offers. Pm me if you would like some more info..



Sorry about the dust but it's a bit dry on the farm lol..

It's in Wagga NSW.. It has rego, 5 speed. LSD and 3" exhaust.

15-04-07, 11:21 AM
how much??

15-04-07, 12:42 PM
how much??

$6000. I think I found was stopping it form going but not sure. The regulator was spewing fuel out of it. I'll try and change it tomorrow. I got offerd 6 for it but he hasn't turned up so around that would be good.

28-11-07, 08:52 AM
The car is going now and is still for sale. $6500. No rego. Was going to keep it but I'm going to do my 1967 XR up now. It was the timing belt. It was missing 4 teeth.

08-08-08, 10:01 AM
Price drop... I'd like to get $5,000 for it but open to offers over $4,500. My dad is having a operation and I need the money to do a few mods to the house... I do have another car for sale aswell.. If it sells then this will be of the market.. It's a toyota wagon with a V6 in it.. $4,000 ono on it. 14.9 @ 90mph over the 1/4 it has done. All RTA approved. Anyway either wont last to long.. Thanks for looking...

15-09-08, 09:56 PM
$4000 No wheels... I need it gorn so I can finnish the work I have started on my dads house... I know I should have waited till I sold it but the work had to start... $3500 for the Wagon ..Firm..

29-11-08, 05:24 PM
The VL was sold today...