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12-03-07, 07:07 PM
Item: evo3/gsr

Description: GREAT BUY!! ..WORTH VIEWING!!!...This vehicle has internal engine work consisting of forged pistons, after market garret turbo, front mount inter coller with chrome piping, filter, EMS engine managment system, brand new triple plate brass clutch, with lightened fly wheel. Blitz turbo timer, turbo smart boost controller, external waste gate, extractors and 3" exhaust system, EVO front bar, MP3 player and audio set up, after market steering wheel, shortened sports gear shift, blood red. Immaculate interior/exterior, dyno tuned. First to see will buy!!! NEGOTIABLE WITH PRICE.!!!

Condition: great cond

Price: $13,890

Payment method: cash pickup

Location: Sydney

Pics: http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/private/MITSUBISHI/LANCER/details.aspx?__Ns=pCar_PrivateSpecialFlag_Int32%7C 1%7C%7CpCar_ImageCount_Int32%7C1%7C%7CpCar_LastMod ifiedDate_DateTime%7C1&Make=MITSUBISHI&State=New%20South%20Wales&R=936131&state_id=80&__No=20&distance=25&__Dx=mode%20matchany&trecs=47&Model=LANCER&__Nne=20&__N=4294964597%2080%204294966896%20834%20285%20257&__Ntk=CarAll&silo=1003&keywords=evo&__sid=10F8D0E0FBED&Cr=7&__D=evo&seot=0&__Ntt=evo&__Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial

Reason for sale:too many cars

Phone 0405603980