View Full Version : Turbosmart Race Port Launch video

09-03-07, 12:36 PM

Mr Parts
09-03-07, 01:03 PM

WOW nice NEW blow off valve that one... wonder where they got the idea from?


knock me over with a tea towel if it doesnt look like a copy of that! I suppose immitation is the highest form of flattery hey ;)

321 GO
14-03-07, 09:29 AM
And you're a moderator???? Please........

Why do all wastegates look the same????

Why do turbos all look the same????

Why do ECUs all look the same?????

Why do all diaphragm style BOVs look the same???? It is for the same reason that all the above do!!!!

PS: If you want a serious BOV that flows 100% more air than the item in your link then go the Turbosmart item.

24-03-07, 02:41 AM
^^gee your first post went off really well hey.

Welcome to the FB forums glad to see you here.