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13-03-11, 09:52 AM
Item: Rotax 125 on AX6 Chassis plus trailer and all racing gear
Location: Sydney/Newcastle
Item Condition: Excellent.
Reason for selling: Moving house to aid family, buying new car, no longer part of the sport.
Price: $5000 for everything!
Payment Method: Cash on pickup
Extra Info:

Hi guys,

For sale is all you need to begin karting tomorrow (except two items mentioned below). Karting is a great sport, it is fun and exciting, and teaches skills which translate to road driving. On two occasions I have been able to avoid an accident due to locking brakes and car control in the wet because karting taught me the vehicle handling skills required.

Selling due to leaving the sport, moving house, new car etc etc all demanding cash. These karts, depending on the class, pull 18-30hp in a 90kg kart+driver, which is a lot, considering it can do 2.5G's round corners at 130km/h! Exciting stuff, it really is.

Pics are attached below.

Kart has new clutch, 2 hours since major rebuild (at a cost of $1400), plus new water and fuel pumps, recently flushed brake fluid, recently cleaned carby, new clutch, new clutch cover, new sprocket and chain, and flushed coolant. It comes with slightly worn mg reds (tyres), excellent for practice AND racing. The exhaust lining, fuel lines and in line filter have just been replaced.

Also for sale, preferably with kart, is a 6x4" Felk galvanised trailer with two spare tyres. Comes with useful wooden template for kart, fitted tarp and fastening gear.

I paid well over $12000 for all this gear between 2008 and 2010, and I'm selling it for a just $5000 to get rid of it (a family member is in a serious condition in hospital and my partner and I are having to move to help out). It's a loss on new gear you won't need to make.

All you need to begin karting tomorrow is the new-regulation airbox from any kart shop ($60), and to trade in the current restrictor plate for the newer one, more powerful one. Other than that, an AKA (Australian Karting Association) license and club membership and you're on the track.

In the picture below is:

4 Spare wheel hubs
4 Spare tyres, bridgestones, for use in non-aka events
1 SNELL (Euro standard > Aus standard) spec ERG HJC helmet
1 Bottle of coolant (with some premixed coolant ready)
1 Bottle of fully synthetic rotax engine oil
1 20L jerry can to carry fuel in (with some 98 octane left over)
1 8L oil-fuel mixing bottle with graduations for various oil concentrations
1 Measuring cylinder with graduations for various oil concentrations and volumes in mL
1 Fuel jug (random containers which can hold fuel are infinitely useful when in the pits)
1 Fuel-oil mix funnel
1 Manual fuel pump
1 Near-full spray can of chain lube
1 Near-full bottle of DOT 4 brake fluid
1 Unopened mandatory clutch guard
0.5 metres of fuel line
1 0.8mm t-piece allen key
1 0.6mm t-piece allen key
1 Spare battery
1 Trickle charger for battery
1 AMB transponder
2 Spare chains
1 New 78 tooth sprocket
1 Freem rib protector
1 Pair of Sparco racing boots (size 10)
1 Pair of Kartech gloves (large)
1 Double layer Kartech suit (large)
1 ERG neck protector (large)
1 Tyre pressure gauge
1 Sparco kart stand
2 Chassis adjustment beams
1 Leather seat cover
1 Micron signal generator and receiver
1 Water temp gauge

All clothing and PPE in great condition.

Also shown above is an assortment of useful spare screws, different spacer sizes and 4 jet sizes.

The kart is in Newcastle and I will consider driving for delivery.

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11-05-13, 12:11 AM
Ohh :( But its looking very nice. Did you make this or buy from some where? I am interested in that Racing Kart (http://www.allvehicleaccessories.com.au/).. do you have any other for sale? Because I am also looking something like that. If you have then please pm me. Thanks.

31-05-13, 05:22 PM
Do let me know when you have more items for sale. Purchasing from sale is always like having luck on our side, if we are lucky enough. I may have some items for sale such as seat covers and stands. Will be telling about it soon. Interested PM me.