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11-01-11, 04:30 PM
Hey guys just wondering if any of you guys agree/disagree.

Once upon a time my favourite magazine Zoom which i couldnt wait to flick through every month has LOST the plot.

Last couple of issues werent bad and are getting considerably better than rubish they were printing not so long ago.

i know S.A. drag scene is dead due to no track but i m sure people are still building cars;

drag updates are only limited to nsw and qld.

Victoria rarely gets a mention; that is due to either victoria having no zoom reporters or we have just failed and conceded defeat to nsw and qld since they are the only ones churning out quick cars.


I do not want this POST to be seen as slander i want it to be seen as bit of creative criticism since i dont think i am the only one with the same view.

I still continue to buy ZOOM and will since it is one off a kind magazine that dosent discriminate between 4,6,8 or rotaries and it should be kept this way to keep its niche market of high-tech, D.I.Y., GO b4 SHOW and anything goes as long as its got balls.

12-01-11, 06:48 AM
Always keen for feedback. I will follow this thread with interest. For what it's worth, the new issue comes out this Friday (14/1/11) and includes the following line-up:

RX Wagon (cover car) - NSW
RA Celica - VIC
TE Cortina - VIC
VL Commodore - VIC
Datsun 1200 - QLD
S13 - VIC

Toyotafest - NSW
Powercruise - QLD

IN THE BUILD x 6 projects
- 1 x SA
- 3 x NSW
- 1 x VIC
- 1 x QLD

Drag Update - NSW

If anything, we need more WA content as there's been a bit of a lull in terms of contributions from readers and contributors. SA is in the same boat although not to the same extent. We have a really strong reader base in VIC/SA and we're glad of it. If anyone has a car, event, build project, tech story, product etc they'd like to pitch me, I'm contactable many different ways including on this forum.


12-01-11, 09:03 AM
yah your right i stoped buying Zoom mag years ago it was my favouret mag back then ... I won the Zoom mag. 4.6.and rotery nationals in 2003@A.I.R. 12.00 to 13.99 sec bracket did over 20 plus passes that day into the finals won my bracket and not even a mention of who won what it was abit dissapointing for myself and my sponsers alike...never bought zoom mag again ..... and yes being from SA we have some killa car hidden away in garages and sheds just check cover of jan.2011 street machine twin turbo futura built for drag week in US lives here now and has been seen on some of our bigger cruises,,,,,,,,

p.s WE NEED A FKN DRAG STRIP.........;)....


12-01-11, 09:47 AM
I have photographed a few cars for ZOOM over the last few months so expect to see a few more VIC cars in there soon.

However saying that there has been a shift in what people are building down here in the last five years. Less and less turbo 4's etc and more LS1, XR6 turbo's are really popular. Old school muscle is also on the rise in VIC from what I see on the ground.

Happy to hear what people think.


12-01-11, 01:19 PM
the black charger i won the 4.6.and rotarie nationals with in 2003....
and some pics of my 265 turbo centura though u mite like a look :)
dig your car centura 2jz one of my favourite engines in a chrysler centura .... man those toyota motor make some hourse power .....

12-01-11, 09:50 PM
Less and less turbo 4's


I do know of a turbo 4 being built in the western suburbs of Vic,more of a back yard build than anything else(and 90% ready),who knows.might even see an 8 out of it:):):):):)
And we ain't talking about a twin cam engine either,more a 1.8ltr SOHC Gem engine without any nitrous to help it either......Just the right converter/turbo combo......


13-01-11, 09:39 AM
im still subscribed to zoom and always will be, but the way its going it blows! no more drag updates in vic? also whats with cars getting featured twice or more when they havnt changed (red s3 rx7)

hope you guys can step it up again and start including the other states.

Also readers of zoom do not like drifting! period! so keep that shit out! the ocasional space frame improved production car is good but thats about it, keep it street, keep it drag!

there are plenty of cars in vic that can be featured, i know of many worthy Facon turbos that run 8-10 sec passes tht havnt even got a mention or featured, these are genuine street cars that we drive on the street not a liberty powered so called sreet rotor on meth just cos its got plates on it.

not to metion the 8v whippy van motor gemini that will soon make an apearance.

hope you guys dont let us down here in vic and include us in the mag that has been by our sides during our own garage build-ups thrugh the years.


13-01-11, 06:41 PM
the black charger i won the 4.6.and rotarie nationals with in 2003....
and some pics of my 265 turbo centura though u mite like a look :)
dig your car centura 2jz one of my favourite engines in a chrysler centura .... man those toyota motor make some hourse power .....

Good old adelaide. We used to go every year. I rember Zoom nationals and your alloy headed 265 with triple webber going very low 12's.

13-01-11, 06:51 PM
Glad my initial thread is not taken out of context.

Vic deserves a drag update just as much as nsw. I do realise you guys are sydney based but i m sure a quick phone call to twin FullBoost.com brothers will have a page or two filled of what new cars are out and about plus all the improvers.

There is a vl runing 9's radial street trim, vk v8 turbo goin 9.0, bbq mustang running 9's; manual supra gone 9's at heatcote; street driven supra on radials 10.4's, v8 turbo torrie plus loads more.

P.S. i personaly think that a VL top 10 should be in a commodore mag not ZOOM.

14-01-11, 11:20 AM
Im gonna have to agree with all the complaints....... I made an effort to get my car featured in Zoom years ago, with emails and photos being sent regularly with no response, fair enough the car was nothing special but it was different...... I made minimal effort to contact Street Commodores and they featured the car in one of their DVDs. Since then my business has prospered with their help and to be honest i have only bought 2 issues of Zoom since (the first being cousin Stix's corolla feature and good mate Milans Centura 2J).

Now that im having more drag prepped cars coming out of the shop i have no intentions to send pics out to any mags as Street Comms isnt really into too much drag stuff and Zoom doesnt accomodate for us down South!

Some one at Zoom HQ needs to start including us a little more regularly or at least with a little more depth!

God i feel sorry for the SA dudes...... We've got a track and dont get any attention!

14-01-11, 11:28 AM
yah the drag scene in adelaide is dead but alot of guys travel vast distances to country tracks and interstate .........

im glad u rember m one of my cars BUT it did not have an alloy head thy were out of my budget and when thy were casted i already had a match ported head with big stainles steel vaulves on that engine it ran 12.100@110mph.... still got engine and finishing a charger at moment to put it in the old charger abit shabby ......postd some info on n/a hemi six.10.4.1-4mile-

p.s. your centura is one tuffff weapon iv been following your progess for a wile :);)


15-01-11, 04:10 PM
We need a State of Origin Shootout for the Mags to cover!

18-01-11, 11:08 AM
Thanks for your responses guys. I do submit work to ZOOM Magazine as well as many other titles as a freelance contributor (I am not employee etc) but magazine work is not solely my full time gig. I also spend too much time here on fullBOOST as well as other ventures. Speaking of drag racing updates from VIC I have recently submitted material to ZOOM and EXTREME magazine which you should see on the shelves soon.

From my point of view sometimes features come about easy and from start to finish it’s a quick process and on occasions jobs can take months to complete with cars never finished, owners slow with paper work and other contributing factors such as weather and quite frankly myself to blame juggling so many jobs at once.

Just recently I photographed a Victorian cover car for ZOOM, it took us no less that three attempts to take photos and even then it was a frustrating feature. This in turn ends up affecting other jobs in the process. A large factor in this discussion also comes from assuming every car owner would like their car featured in a magazine, some guys don’t and you have to completely respect that.

Darren your Gemini is a perfect ride for ZOOM and I’m sure they will feature it when you are finished with it. I will look forward to seeing it in print and hopefully I’ll be the one asked to do it for you.

Stix - Some of the cars you have mentioned there I have already photographed for other titles, not ever car goes into ZOOM remember there are a lot of other magazines as well.

I’m personally not a fan of drifting but hey you can’t cater for everyone’s taste and that is the beauty of this auto scene. Not everyone is into drag racing either, there are plenty of tough circuit based cars getting about too.

Luke Oxley

16-02-11, 10:35 AM
and then there builds like the "taxi" purely a bet to take the p!ss outta your mates! lol

yeah have the gtech / pet cars been done?

pitty they had to shut down they were getting some quick machines happening!

and all with stand alone ecu's that the big boys (nizpro, streetuna, xft and etc said won't work on these cars!)

and there is nothing wrong with drift other than the wannabes that try on the streets making it bad for any modded car scene but thats squarely attributed with drag scene too!

at least i get a free show every night lol nah need to get the keepit off the streets happening again! in fact lets do it again ill start another thread soon!!!

10-03-11, 11:32 PM
Just ditch the current concept of ZOOM and run 8 XR6 turbo based machines every issue!:D

11-03-11, 06:49 AM
Just ditch the current concept of ZOOM and run 8 XR6 turbo based machines every issue!:D

Some would dig that but it wouldn't fly with the guys who've read it for 14 years. Have you seen the current issue though?


11-03-11, 11:04 AM
It's become drag and dyno centric recently. A little inbred with "opinions" and what is loosely described as "tech articles".

BUT if it sells issues then they are in touch with the majority of readers and that is all corporate types are interested in. Enthusiasts on the other hand or people who bought issues in 1997 for the diversity of cars and topics and legitimate tech rather than opinion find this current generation not to their liking. Seems its in the minority though so what can you do accept whinge in a forum for change :D

Last issue I looked (2 years ago) at was a Capella I engineered and developed for a mate, and even then I did not shell out the ca$h to buy a copy cause I am old school and did not like the "style", the way it was written and the whole scene seemed more about "numbers" and bragging rights type stuff....... just flipped through it and though fuck this is pretty shit. These days each and every article is backed by pages of advertising for relevant parties too. I got jack of Zoom people ringing me cause people who were featured mentioned me by name for providing parts or tuning or whatever and they then wanted me to place an advert in the mag :rolleyes:

Times change and these days its all allot more commercial and more money shots and big attention grabbing titles and less about grass roots technical or really educated and qualified people writing articles, you don't know who is pissing in who's pocket and who is funding the opinion in some cases.

Good bye old days .........